Haunted Stories – Creepy Crawl Tour

My first ghost – I witnessed my first ghost while driving a horse drawn carriage in the summer of 1996. We all saw two sprites come floating by right in front of the Colonial Park Cemetery. I say we all saw them but one female jumped out of the carriage running in the direction of the Savannah River. I don’t know what she saw, but as for the rest we witnessed the same sightings.

More then one ghost is associated with the Colonial Park Cemetery. In August of 1991 about I was walking in the cemetery when I witnessed a young girl, maybe 11 or 12 sitting on a bench in the back corner of the cemetery. I was about to approach her when she stood up and walked toward me. Before she reached me she just melted into the ground and was gone. Myself and others on tour have seen here, but only while on tour and only in the cemetery. The cemetery is locked at night these days. Several years ago someone sacrificed a goat and a roaster, since then the gates are locked at night. If the police see you in the cemetery after, they will arrest you.

There is said to be two other spirits in the cemetery, and probably a lot more. The two are a couple of young lovers. The young lady was from a prominent family in Savannah, the young man was an assistant blacksmith and they would be kept apart by the girls family. They would sneak out in the early morning to see each other in the cemetery. Trying to amass great wealth to impress the girl’s parents  he took to the pirate life which lead him to the gallows. She never married and died alone with no family left. They say some early mornings just before sun up they can be seen holding hands as they walk.

Hampton Lillibridge House – This house was built between 1796 and 1799. Jim Williams who became infamous in the book Midnight in the Garden of good and evil had it moved to it’s new location on East Saint Julian Street. Shortly after being moved to St Julian St strange things started to happen. Jim would hear voices in the next room only to find it empty. The voices would keep moving around the house. Jim would try to find where the sounds were coming from but as soon as he entered one room the voices would have moved to the next room. Jim would leave town, upon  coming home his neighbors would ask him about the party they could hear coming from the house. Jim finally fed up requested an exorcism to be performed which was done Dec 7th 1963. The house remains haunted but the family living there seems not to be ok with their house guest.

Renee Rondolia Asch was a young boy born with the disease Acromegaly, also called Giantism. at age 12 Renee was about 7 foot tall and was about 300lbs. The town people were rather superstitious and after a young girl was found strangles in the local cemetery they took Renee and hanged him. A few days later again a young girl was found strangled to death in the same place as the first. Many felt they hanged the wrong person, yet others felt Renee’s ghost was at work.

The Pirates House – 20 East Broad Street. 912-233-5757. – Part of the Pirate House date back to 1734 making it the oldest structure in Savannah. The bulk of the pirate House was added in 1754. The house was used as a boarding house for sailors. When the house was built they ran two tunnels under the old place running to the river. As time went on pirates while putting up in Savannah would stay at the Pirate House. They would use the tunnels to shanghai drunken sailors and use them as slaves while underway. Robert Louis Stevenson was staying at the inn while writing Treasure Island and based Captain Flint on a real Pirate who died on the second deck of the Pirate House.

Kehoe House – The Kehoe House was built in 1893 for a wealthy resident of Savannah. When I moved to Savannah Broadway Joe Namith, the Foot Ball Quarterback owned the house. Earlier on it was a funeral parlor. The house is said to have several spirits in it. One night several years ago I had a group of Girl Scouts on a carriage tour when the girls started screaming that they saw a girl in the window glowing with what appeared to be blood flowing out of her chest. Later I found that the funeral parlor moved out after a young girl who they buried started showing up in the house as a ghost.  The young lady had been stabbed to death going home from a high school graduation party.

Ghost at Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island – There have been various forts on Cockspur Island. Fort Greene was destroyed in 1804 when a wall of water from a hurricane washed most of the soldier out to sea. During the Civil War 600 confederates prisoners were locked up in Fort Pulaski. Of the 600 one third survived, the rest perished due to illness. People have seen ghostly images of confederate soldiers dressed in rags walking around the fort as well as soldiers walking the walls as if still standing their watch.