Haunted Brew Pubs Savannah, Georgia

Join us in visiting the most haunted brew pubs Savannah with a creepy crawl walking tour.

The Six Pence Pub – 245 Bull Street. (912) 233-3151 – The Six Pence has a rather friendly ghost named Larry. A prior owner named the ghost Larry. Nobody knows who the ghost really was.

The 1790 -307 East President Street. 912-236-7122 – The 1790 was plenty of ghost. The one in the kitchen’s named Kissie is one of the meanest ghost we have in Savannah, but the most famous ghost at the 1790 is Anna. Anna was a young girl who live  much too short a time here and still haunts the 1790 today.

Cha Bella – 102 East Broad Street. (912) 790-7888 – Cha Bella today is an upscale restaurant, when I first started in business it was called O’Connell’s, a great Irish Pub. The ghost at Cha Bella’s is named Old Cap. Cap died in a fire back in 1734. I have seen Cap myself several times.

Churchill’s – 13 West Bay Street. (912)-232-8501 – Pre Civil War 13 West Bay Street was a house of prostitution. We had a murderous husband, a prostitute girl friend, and a suicidal wife. Although all are dead they are still within the confines of Churchills Pub.

Barrelhouse South – 125 West Congress Street.(912) 447-6952 – The ghost here it would appear was a young girl who was killed by accident in the basement. The basement was a small arms range where the young lady Sarah met her end. Her ghost has not received the msg. Sarah’s ghost has been seen by many including yours truly.

The Marshall House – 123 East Broughton Street. 912-644-7896 – The Marshall house was built circa 1850. It was restored in 2001. During the Civil Was it was used as a hospital for both the South And the North. People claim they see soldiers in Civil War both  north and South uniforms walking about as if they were still alive. Also Children will be heard running up and down the halls but never seen.

The Pink House – 23 Abercorn Street. 912-232-4286 – The Pink House was built circa 1771. One of Savannah’s oldest structures in Savannah is also a great restaurant as well as one of Savannah’s most haunted building. They say James Habersham Jr. haunts the old place. Down stairs one night in the piano bar myself and several others saw a wine bottle levitate above the bar tenders head
as the lights would dim then go bright again and again. One couple up and departed leaving their food on their plates.

The Pirates House – 20 East Broad Street. 912-233-5757 – Part of the Pirate House date back to 1734 making it the oldest structure in Savannah. The bulk of the pirate House was added in 1754. The house was used as a boarding house for sailors. When the house was built they ran two tunnels under the old place running to the river. As time went on pirates while putting up in Savannah would stay at the Pirate House. They would use the tunnels to shanghai drunken sailors and use them as slaves while underway. Robert Louis Stevenson was staying at the inn while writing Treasure Island and based Captain Flint on a real Pirate who died on the second deck of the Pirate House.

The Rail House – 405 W Congress Street. 912-238-1311 – Today the Rail Pub is very popular with locals as well as a favorite with people visiting Savannah. In the 50’s and early 60’s the Rail was a bordello. Later in the 60’s an old couple lived upstairs. When the wife died the husband did not contact the authorities and her remains stayed in her bed until people contacted the police about the smell. As they were removing her remains they heard a gunshot. The husband took his own life. People have seen an old woman at times walking down the stairs. For some reason she will scream I knew you would be back and then she just vanish in front of your eye.

Abe’s on Lincoln – 17 Lincoln Street. 912-349-0525 – The story of Abe’s starts in 1838 when a man poison himself and his wife. years later in 1929 A young Husband was found dead apparently by poison, then again one more time in 1945 a young husband who survived WW2 only to be found dead on the floor. The young man was dead by poisoning. Each time the poison was mixed with wine. When I visit Abe’s I stick with the Guinness or the Jamison. I leave the wine alone.

Moon River Brew Pub – 21 west Bay Street. 912-447-0943 – Moon River was once what would be a five star hotel today. Opened in 1821, it was called the City Hotel . Over the years there has been several shootings and few hangings in the old place. The top floor was used to isolate children during yellow fever epidemics and many of those children would die. Moon River opened in 1996, then called Oglethorpe Brew Pub. The owners back in 96 knew the place was haunted. It never bothered them but they had a tough time keeping employees. In Feb of 96 they had two different mediums visit and explore Moon River. They both said that the place was ripe with spirits. The first one left very quickly telling the owners that there was an evil presence and they should get out and never go back in. I don’t know how evil the spirit really is. I have spent the night in Moon River and has experienced many strange happenings there but I never felt threatened.