Hurricane Matthew Savannah

img_0916img_0918Hurricane Matthew Savannah wasn’t a destructive behemoth as it charged across the Savannah area, but it left a big mark on the region by knocking out power for thousands of residents, downing trees and tree limbs, closing roads, damaging houses and spitting out a steady stream of rain most of the morning and afternoon that caused minor flooding.

“I think we were expecting a little worse,” said Dave Donnelly, Savannah’s emergency management director. “When the track shifted inland my concern became not so much surge and rain but tornadoes and severe weather. There was a tornado in the county apparently, but I’m surprised we didn’t have more home damage than we did.”

The storm was named Hurricane Matthew Savannah when it made landfall in northern Florida late Thursday night and early Friday morning. It was the first hurricane to hit that state in more than a decade, killing one person and raising a storm surge that destroyed beachside buildings.

But the storm weakened as it approached south Georgia.

Hermine brought wind gusts of up to 63 mph and 3-4 inches of rain in Savannah. The storm’s maximum sustained winds were near 50 mph, and high tide reached 8.5 feet Friday.

Now the clean up went fast and we are all glad that is behind us. Join Savannah Tours on your next visit to Savannah.

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